Pretty White Dresses

Pretty White Dresses

April 28,2017

Pretty white dresses are not just for the young and carefree. This dress from Love Shack Fancy is easy breezy. It’s a beautiful lacy fabric that, get this, is machine washable. So go ahead and wear it to death.  Wear it with flats or dress it up with a pair of flirty heels. It’s the perfect occasion style for graduations, dinner in the Hamptons,  luncheons or a night in the city. It’s not too short and the long sleeves give you just the right amount of coverage.

Best places for brunch in NYC

When I think about brunch on Sundays I get excited. It’s like a celebration to mark the end of the weekend and hopefully it was a great one.  And if your weekend wasn’t all that, brunch is your last chance to make it great.  Here are my favorite city brunch spots to fit every mood.

Russ & Daughters Cafe

Casual and fun cafe focusing on Jewish comfort food and entire section of the menu is dedicated to herring!).  Not to be confused with Russ & Daughters lower east 100 year old store this cafe actually has tables and a counter. Lox and bagels anyone?

127 Orchard Street/Lower East Side

Russ & Daughters Cafe



A great bistro in Soho. Casual with great bagels, lox and cream cheese.




Described as an “Italian cooking in a converted garage” it is renowned for its roast chicken.

775 Washington Street NYC


Photo courtesy of Village Voice


Classic french-style cafe serving some of the best croissants in town.

Lafayette NYC


American cuisine, great cocktails in a tavern ambiance hidden down an alleyway in NYC. Enough said.

Freeman's NYC

Hotel Chantelle

Roof top restaurant with an outdoor patio.  Great group spot for cocktails or to celebrate an occasion. Food is average but sometimes the atmosphere makes up for it!

Hotel Chantelle NYC


Sunday Funday!! You’ll want to go to Libation if you want a party brunch. Music, food, drinks, in the middle of the day?  YES please.

Libation NYC


If you know NYC you will remember the old Limelight. It’s a church that was converted into a club. Now it’s been transformed into a beautiful restaurant space with multiple rooms.  The Sunday brunch is another great option for a big group.

Jue Lan


Casually chic brasserie is the best way to describe Upland.  And if the food is what is important to you then look no further because this place is one of the top places to eat in NYC right now for brunch, lunch or dinner.



If you’re vegetarian you need to know about NIX. It’s a modern take on all things delicious WITHOUT the animal protein. And if you’re not vegan you’ll still want to eat here because it’s just plain delicious.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 2.40.04 PM

Jack’s Wife Freda   http:le “//

Adorabable “bistro” with middle eastern influences. Great when the weather warms up as there is outdoor seating. Be prepared for a wait as the place is small and gets crowded quickly, especially for brunch.

50 Carmine Street NYC



Small plates made from fresh, seasonal ingredients in a small intimate cafe environment.  Perfect brunch after a late Saturday night out.

47 E. Houston Street New York, NY



Big surprises come in small packages and this pint size restaurant is not exception.  French, small plates menu make you feel like you’re Paris. Cosy and charming.

42 Grove Street NYC


ABC Kitchen

Jean-Georges Vongerichten farm to table restaurant never disappoints.  Always using the freshest organic, local ingredients.  Not just for brunch but all the time. Also on own radar is a sister restaurant just opened abcv – focusing on plant based food but with the same culinary genius of this acclaimed chef.

35E 18th Street

ABC Kitchen



What started as a pie company 27 years ago has become a classic in this Tribeca neigborhood. They’re buttermilk biscuits are a signature so be sure to order them!

120 Hudson Street NYC


The Clocktower

High end American fare in a posh, clubby setting with dining rooms & a lounge with a pool table.

The New York Edition

5 Madison Avenue



The Spotted Pig

If you’re in the West Village area and are in no rush head over to spotted pig for a European style meals and celebrity sightings.

314 W. 11th Street

I have the secret to avoid weight gain in your 40’s

Lose weight over 40

I was recently at the doctor for a routine check-up and I asked her a question that I had pondered for some time.  Why am I gaining weight as I get older?  I have always known that exercise and eating well is the best lifestyle to live and I have been obedient for most of my adult life.  I work out 4-5 days a week and eat very healthy (or so I thought) yet the scale has been inching upwards. My doctor didn’t have many answers for me.  “It’s just what happens” she says.  She also suggested I skip breakfast (seriously?).  Another suggestion “eat less” (been there tried that, doesn’t work).

I’ve tried many of the fad diet trends that are popular today including Paleo, Tracy Anderson (starvation diet), The Zone Diet, Fat Burning Machine (you’re allowed to eat bacon), The Paleo Diet, etc. to no avail.  In fact, the more I dieted the higher the number on the scale.

Until I heard Dr. Pam Popper speak in an interview on Sirius radio.

The first thing she said that caught my attention was “no oil”.  I was appalled but  intrigued.  I couldn’t imagine that my beloved olive oil was getting a bad rap.  I use it in everything.  After all isn’t it the good oil?

Turns out it’s not.  After googling Dr.Popper I discovered she is following in the footsteps of the great Dr. John Mcdougall, Dr. Esselystyn and T.Colin Campbell.  These pioneers have been preaching the benefits of a low-fat, high starch diet and the elimination of all diary with minimal animal protein for over 30 years.  And they have never strayed from their convictions.  Their message has always been the same.  Eat a plant based diet with as many of the good carbs as you want and you will reap the benefits of a healthy heart, be at lower risk for heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers.

So exactly 6 months ago I embarked on the whole food plant based diet.  How did my diet change?  First, I immediately eliminated all dairy.  Even though you may say ” I really don’t eat that much dairy” once you decide to eliminate ALL dairy you realize how much of it you’re consuming.  Secondly I drastically reduced my consumption of all animal products.  That means, eggs, chicken and fish.  Dr. Popper says if you  don’t want to eliminate animal products completely than limit it to 3 servings a week.  Dr. Mcdoughall and Dr. Esselstyn aren’t so lenient. Whatever your preference once you delve into the research there is no denying the vast benefits of a whole food plant based diet.   And sure enough after just 2 weeks changing my diet the weight I have struggled with for 3 years just came off.  And the best part is 6 months later it has stayed off without a struggle, without starving myself and feeling amazing every day.

So what do I eat every day?  LOTS.  Oatmeal, unlimited amounts of fruit.  Big salads with all the vegetables I love, whole grain pasta, Ezekiel bread, beans, hummus, etc.  I eat whenever I’m hungry and I don’t count calories.  Now that’s a diet I can stick to for the rest of my life!




Graduation Day Outfits

We’re right in the middle of graduation season.  Whether you’re attending a loved one’s graduation or one of the festivities that are sure to follow, we’ve got the outfits to help you celebrate in style.

If the graduation or event is a bit more casual then you can pair white jeans with a great top, especially with a great floral print.  Add a necklace for a complete look.

Love Sam

Love Sam shirt, black orchid jeans, buju necklace


A great dress is a great option for a special occasion.  Especially  when the weather is hot and you want to stay cool these pieces will keep you stylish and comfortable with a minimum of effort.  The quality if the dress fabric is also important.  Don’t chose a dress based on price alone.  Often times you will get what you you pay for.  You want to chose a fabric that won’t wrinkle easily and has a soft feel to it.  Modal is a great option that wears well, doesn’t wrinkle and washes well. Another great option is bamboo.  It is also very soft and comfortable.

Love Shack Fancy

Love Shack Fancy dress, our own python clutch, Lera necklace

Rachel Pally

Rachel Pally mini-caftan dress, Lera Jewels necklace

Choose colors that represent the season.  Ivory, white and pastels are perfect for Spring or Summer seasons.  They are soft and easy on the eyes!

A jumpsuit is another great option.  You have to try different styles to find one that fits your shape.  The wide leg will make you look taller and thin you out.  There are also long sleeve options with a more narrow leg if you want more coverage.  This one for Black Halo fits like a dream.   Black Halo makes several different styles and we have found them to consistently a great fit for many different body types.

Bailey 44

Bailey44 dress, Lera Jewels necklace, our own python clutch


Halston dress with patent leather belt


Black Halo

Black Halo jumpsuit, Miski beaded bracelet








Ella Moss

Ella Moss dress, our own python clutch





Consider tops or dresses with shoulder detail.  We all know the off the shoulder trend is everywhere abd there’s a reason for it.  If you want to show some skin without showing too much skin the off the shoulder trend is perfect for you.  Choose style that a flattering for you – off the shoulder, open shoulder, one shoulder, try different styles and find the one you’re most comfortable with.



Halston one shoulder dress with stripes and thin belt at waist.


Love Sam

Love Sam, open shoulder shirt and Black Orchid denim

The key is to be comfortable with any style you select.  Whether you’re more comfortable with pants and flats or you want to strut your stuff in a figure flattering dress with high heels, the key is to pick your style and wear with ease and confidence.  The worst thing is to feel uncomfortable in your own clothes.  There are no rules and don’t worry about following the trends.  Fads will come and go but the best trend is to be comfortable in your own skin.



Making the case for snapchat

I know what you’re thinking, you don’t need another social media app to invade your life and take up anymore of your time.  I get it, but hear me out.  The past 10 years have been revolutionary in terms of technology and social media, specifically how we connect with other people.  Facebook currently has 1.5 BILLION monthly users worldwide.  That’s a 14% increase from last year.  Those numbers cannot be ignored.  But 10 years ago we never imagined Facebook would be the place where we get most of our information. Today we use it to connect with our friends, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.  And if you have a business you should be using it to connect with your customers.

Just as Facebook has gained lots of followers so too has instagram.  It has 400 million monthly users worldwide. I started using instagram for my business and is now viewed more frequently by my clients and gaining followers everyday.  And instagram is different from Facebook.  Instagram is the #6 most downloaded free app and Facebook is #7.

Snapchat is now the #3 most downloaded free app.  It is different from both Facebook and instagram.  Probably like some of you I originally thought snapchat was an app for young people to post “nude” photos and have it disappear after it’s viewed.  But snapchat is much more than that.  It is an app for photo and video sharing in real time.  It’s not a photo that was take a few weeks ago or even a few days ago.  It was taken less than 24 hours ago and it is available for viewing for 24 hours, then it disappears.

Snapchat is one of the newest apps and it will gain huge momentum in the next 36 months.  The question is will you be equipped to use it the way it’s meant to be used?   And here’s why you should know it and start to feel comfortable with.  Facebook and instagram are huge vehicles for businesses right now and if you are employed full-time or part-time you should know how to use both of these platforms.  Sharing photos and videos, posting articles and advertising on either of these platforms is where you are grabbing consumer attention.  What if you don’t work?  Well, at some point (no matter your age) you will either own your own business and/or work for someone else.  And if you are not familiar with these platforms you’ll be left in the dust.

Although I don’t currently have very many viewers on my snapchat account I use it regularly to find my voice on this particular platform. Snapchat is not very easy to use and it’s changing as it grows.  And in 36 months when all my friends and clients are on it I will be prepared and waiting.

Here are a few of my favorite people I follow on snapchat

Anne Della Russo – annadellarusso – The editor-at-large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan.  Anna is at all the fashion shows in Milan, Paris and New York and videos are posted from the runway.

Kevin Hart – kevinhart4real

Kate Hudson – khudsnaps

Goldie Hawn – goldiehawn

Reese Wetherspoon – snapsbyreese

Serena Williams – serenaunmatched

Eva Longoria – realevalongoria

Jessica Alba – jessicamalba

Andy Cohen – andysgotthe411

Chrissy Teigen – chrissyteigen

Jimmy Fallon – fallontonight

Don’t forget to follow me – biancaboutique!

And let me know if you have any favorites!

Happy snapping!




New NOLITA restaurant you must try!

We discovered a great new restaurant on a recent trip to NYC that I had to share.

Pasquale Jones opened just 3 months ago and is located downtown in the Nolita (North of Little Italy) section on the corner of Mulberry and Kenmare.   I will admit I am a complete foodie.  Finding a gem in a city where there so many options makes me happy.  We went to Pasquale Jones on a recent Saturday night after having read a lot of great things about it. Pasquale Jones has been getting rave reviews and I had to try it for myself.  They area also the owners of Charlie Bird (if you haven’t been it’s great too). I tried making a reservation at Pasquale Jones but it was virtually impossible.  So we decided to walk in and try to get a table. On a Saturday night at 9:00 p.m. the hostess told us it would be a 2.5 hour wait.  I normally would never wait this long for a table but they take your number and text you when your table is ready (the bar in the restaurant is not an option as they assign those seats to those on the waiting list).  We went down the street and had a drink while we waited for the text to come through.  The wait ended up being closer to an hour, thank goodness!  By then we were starved.  The space is very nice and there is an open kitchen.  For my appetizer I chose the hearts of palm salad (very good) and for my main dish I ordered the fresh pappardelle pasta with mushrooms and lemon. It  was one of the best pasta dishes I’ve ever had.  The pork shoulder (serves 2-4) is supposed to be very good but it was just the two of us and I didn’t want to over do it. We were seated at the bar and watched as they prepared the food right in front of us.  The margarita pizza was also very good.  They only do one dessert each night and it usually includes fruit that they cook in the wood burning oven.  That night they were serving rhubarb with fresh ice cream and pistachios.  It was delicious. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the wine glasses, my current new obsession.  Paper thin with a thin stem I noticed them the first time I went to Charlie Bird.  They are from Zalto and are the only wine glasses to drink from!

Pasquale Jones



We stayed in the city so we didn’t have any time constraints.   If you want to walk off your meal you can walk over to Rice to Riches a few blocks away which is a rice pudding store with more than 20 flavors of rice pudding.  The rice pudding is ok but that many flavors of rice pudding is a sight to see!


If you happen to be staying in the area for the night you should check out Jack’s Wife Freda for breakfast or brunch.  It’s tiny but the food is delicious and you’ll want to get there early because it gets very busy.

Jacks wife freda

Of course you can also go  to Katz’s delicatessen. A real NY experience either for breakfast (bagel, lox and cream cheese) or lunch (pastrami on rye!)  Pickles are always included!


Happy Eating!